Sunday, February 1, 2009


So this is the grandma of the baby. This was a totally intense game of scrabble over the holidays. I actually screamed "SUCK IT" at Melis (my SIL) after a specific play. She still beat me by about 100 points.


THIS is the father of my brooklyn hipster nephew. If he just had a moustache and no job he would be a stereotype. Thank god for razors and dignity. I love my brother
doesn't it look like they are creating a room for the modems? I see where the focus is in this family.
So this is the pre-hipster baby room. Just take a moment to reflect on those gender neutral colors and very indie art. I sort of want to come and roll around on that freshly vacuumed rug though. 
this is the Brooklyn wonderland the baby will see out of his one window. Can't  you see him at fourteen with his stolen 40oz in a paper bag sitting on those steps with his friends? ahhhhh I can.

So this is the hipster baby room pre-baby. I have to say during my months of baby shopping I have sat in many a rocking chair and I want one for myself badly. Allegedly you need to be nursing something to get one otherwise it's really humiliating
 to have in your house. But I don't buy that. 


this picture makes me want to be pregnant a.s.a.p....sometimes when I'm really drunk I rest my beer on my boob in this exact manner and cradle it. I love my SIL the most in this picture